About Us

Beyond Esports teaches you how to become a collegiate e-Athlete. We are the nation’s first collegiate education program, designed specifically for the families of high school students who aspire to use their love of video games as a pathway to finding the best individual college fit on all levels.

Our Promise

Beyond Esports is committed to helping every Student eAthlete and Collegiate Esports Program benefit from a strategic and personal education process. Esports at the collegiate level is such a new and exciting idea for so many families across the country. Our focus is and always will be on long-term success. Beyond will ensure that each step of the process is carefully navigated to set each Student eAthlete up for exactly that:
Long-Term Success.

What Sets Us Apart

What sets Beyond Esports apart from any of the standard “recruiting” companies out there is the focus we place on education combined with our extremely strategic approach to individual needs. Whether you’re a high school student looking to explore competitive gaming at the collegiate level or a Coach/Coordinator of a collegiate esports program, no journey is ever the same. That simple logic is at the heart of everything we do.

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